2/16 Jeff-Chalmers Final Neighborhood Framework Meeting

To see what a Neighborhood Framework looks like in another neighborhood, we checked out the final meeting of the process for Jefferson-Chalmers on the east side.
So this is how adults figure out the future of their neighborhood? Sitting in a big room with some posterboards and making speeches? This gave us many ideas for different types of meetings and events that can be more youth-driven.

We got to meet some city government urban planners, including Planning Director Maurice Cox, who promised to meet with us later.

We saw the kinds of projects that the Neighborhood Framework was proposing, like new ways to use old buildings.

We also heard from people who were critical of the process, who said they thought the framework was a sham, that the city government was just doing what it wanted and ignoring long-time residents. We got their numbers and said we’d like to talk more.

It seems a Neighborhood Framework is not a simple thing, and not just a good thing, or a bad one. The investigation continues…

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